Hey, I made the New York Times


Uncredited, but still....I'm the Chicago blogger who posted on April 21st., as mentioned at the bottom/2nd page of this article. And I note that F.A.T. is actually using an ampersand. Oh well.

Gap's New Chain Store Aims at the Fashionably Mature Woman - New York Times
And as an indication of the degree of skepticism that some members of its target audience hold for the company's approach to mature consumers, a blogger in Chicago noted on April 21, the day Gap disclosed the name of its new chain, that Forth & Towne could be called F.A.T. for short.“Let people think what they think,” Mr. Muto said. “We believe we have an exciting, unique concept these women haven't seen before.”

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Very cool! This is the first I've heard of F.A.T. :)

So F.A.T. is a plus-size store, like Lane Bryant meets the Gap? You should write to the NYT and tell them of their mistakes and demand that they "regret the error" in print

Seth, so funny, I can't even come up with a decent comment to post.

Joe: I hope that's a good thing.

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