Randomizer Friday, Birds, dogs and Ghosts edition

Because this has been a long week already (damn the local FedEx office for staying open until 9 PM!), and I don't want to start working yet, I'll play the randomizer game, with annotations. I used my iTunes playlist, “New Rips” (songs added to my Library in the last 177 days, as of yet played less than 3 times).

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Police Dog Blues
Cooder, Ry Ry Cooder
- on a bit of a Ry Cooder bender. This is a cover of a Blind Blake song, and has the advantage of being a lot less scratchy.

Un Po' Di Vero C'e ( w Geraldine Farrar)
Caruso, Enrico The Complete Caruso
Found a bunch of open source Caruso songs. What a voice. I'm not the greatest opera fan, but I like what I like, and this I like, a lot.

Lily And Parrots
Sun Kil Moon Ghosts Of The Great Highway
- Not sure how I heard of this band, but like it a lot. Whether consciously or not, sounds a little like Neil Young's classic mid-70's tunes.

Bye Bye Bird
Sonny Boy Williamson The Essential Sonny Boy Williamson
Replacing what I had on vinyl. One of my blues heros. This isn't the best song on the album though.

Little Ghost
White Stripes Get Behind Me Satan
Pretty good. Entire album is pretty good actually. Never thought I'd be part of the White Stripes army, but there it is....

Trick Bird
Califone Heron King Blues
a mixture of folk and blues, experimental rock, drones, feedback, and electronic music. Right up my alley. I can't believe I've never seen them live.

Lit Up
The National Alligator
Hasn't grown on me all the way yet, but I'm a patient dude, mostly. Mid-level indie rock, with lyrics that aren't stupid. Faint praise, perhaps, but not really.

Mohamed Amenzou Rough Guide: Morocco
acquired several of the “Rough Guide” series recently. There's so much interesting music made around the world - everything doesn't have to be in English damn it. I also miss my Moroccan friend Ali, a college buddy in Austin, who ended up going underground after his student visa ran out. Of course in the pre 9/11 days, that was probably a lot easier to manage.

Working in a Coal Mine Enoch Light Action downloaded after a reference on BoingBoing. Mid 60's instrumental music, in the Big Band genre. Allmusic says:

Enoch Light has become synonymous with the space-age bachelor pad scene of the mid- to late-'50s
which nails it pretty well.

Around the Plynth/Gasoline Alley (Live BBC)
Faces Five Guys Walk Into A Bar
Never thought I'd like something that Rod Stewart sang on, but then any band that has an actual bar set up on stage, complete with bartender, can't be all bad. And really, these songs rock. Whatever happened to Rod Stewart? I only knew of his later pop shite, but Faces is great if you get down to it, and if you like blues based rock music.


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