Technorati is ratty

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Looks like I'm not the only one frustrated with Technorati....

So long, Technorati (
That's it. I've had it. No more Technorati. I've used the site for, what, a couple of years now to keep track of what people were saying about posts on and searching blogs for keywords or current events. During that time, it's been down at least a quarter of the time (although it's been better recently), results are often unavailable for queries with large result sets (i.e. this is only going to become a bigger problem as time goes on), and most of the rest of the time it's slow as molasses.
Oh there's more, much more, here.

Mr. Kottke also mentions using the tool PubSub, which I've used for quite some time, but only for specific keyword topics. I haven't been very happy with PubSub's results either, even though they do seem to have a larger universe to work from. So I get more results, but quite a lot of repetition, spammed comments and splogs.

IceRocket is another contender in this elusive category, I've only used it for a few months, but seems to be worth exploring. Mark Cuban discusses linktracker, here. However, I don't really want the visual clutter of including 'O' linking posts on the 98% of my posts that nobody has linked to. If there was a way to hide linktracker until someone actually linked to me, I might use it.

I suppose all of these services are still in development, and thus are unpolished, or have quirks to overcome.

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