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Since the upgrade to MT 3.2, the MT Blacklist anti-spam plugin is not enabled. Thus I'm getting way, way too much comment spam (mostly for texas hold 'em poker scams). Not that I get a lot of comments, but still....

Therefore, I'm temporarily changing comments to Typekey enabled only. Sort of a hassle, because unless you have a Six Apart based blog of your own, you'll have to register with yet another site before you can comment here.


There have been almost 200 comments identified as junk in less that 24 hours, and a couple of real comments blended in there. I don't have the energy or time to sift through, so if you want to comment, you'll have to register with Typekey, at least until I figure out some other way to eliminate all the spammy fruckers from cluttering up my site, and wasting my bandwidth.

-update 9-12-005-21:35
somewhat open again. WTF. Numbers of junk is decreased to a more manageable number, at least at the moment.



In MT3.2 you should only use the SpamLookup plugin that comes bundled with the application. It is far better than MTBlacklist and tightly integrated with the new junk framework introduced in MT3.2.

Simply activate SpamLookup and add keywords to the filter list.

yes, SpamLookup was enabled. I still was being overwhelmed with junk comments. The flood has slowed to a trickle at the moment, so am less concerned.

The documentation for 3.2 needs to be a lot more comprehensive, and detailed about specifics.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

Educate a man in how to be a spammer, and that man will educate you in spanking.

lol... dirty legacy is compassion!

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