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Ahh, my kingdom, such that it is, for a sample of GWB's blood/urine for drug testing. His propensity to clench his jaw repeatedly reminds me of someone who has been doing too much speed or coke or similar chemical stimulants. There also rumors of Bush having a relapse to his vodka and grape juice in a sippy cup days, hence all the cuts and bruises on his face. Odd.

Ed Schultz just interviewed an editor with the National Enquirer. The editor said the paper stands by its story [about Bush drinking again ] “150%” and would go to court over it if they had to. He said that they have 2 different sources for the story, and that the sources had been informing the National Enquirer about this story for about the last month or so.

Notably, the editor said that a “highly respected” newspaper has also been working on the story and could well publish something on it in the next week or two.

- Democratic Underground

National Enquirer article here

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Hi cousin,
I googled Bush drinking again coke jaw and you were #11 of 112,000 hits. I'm proud to have a media star in the family especially one who covers the important issues of our times (truly). I read you compulsively.
Come visit us in LA sometime soon.

cousin Michelle
[address redacted - I have it though]

Thanks cuz! Glad to hear you are member of the select few. I took your address/phone # off, just in case some jerk-off tried to harass you or something.

Would love to visit you in L.A.: I've never been south of Monterey.

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