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Various artists, continued

The Wired Mix sampler. A cool collection put out by Wired Magazine, with rights to share, remix, etc., included. Much better than I hoped - music by the Beastie Boys, Gilberto Gil, Le Tigre, Chuck D, David Byrne, Spoon, My Morning Jacket, et al.

“This Is Where I Belong: The Songs of Ray Davies & The Kinks” (Various Artists)
Ray Davies has a way with a song lyric, this compilation of tunes only proves it. Most are covers, but some Mr. Davies sings.

“Tibetan Freedom Concert” (Various Artists)
Meh. Good list of interesting/relevant artists, but the music is just so-so.

Trojan Box set
Trojan Box set
Over 100 Reggae tunes from the Trojan label. Blend of good and great stuff.

Tropicalia 2
Tropicalia 2
Not really a 'various artists' now is it? Two luminaries: Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, one album. Just got it, but I like it on first listen.

“The Rough Guide to the Music of Turkey” (Various Artists)
more music to smoke hashish to, if I smoked. That isn't entirely accurate, this is more a collection of contemporary Turkish pop, and is surprisingly delicious.

The first five tracks are superb pop music, containing inventive vocals and catchy exotic melodies driven by a distinctively Turkish beat. These are balanced by Turkish gypsy, classical court music, Black Sea folk music, belly-dance style and even a Sufi track to top off the musical whirlwind.

Uncut Magazine various
I've got a couple years worth of these discs, which accompany each month's edition of Uncut Magazine, but won't bother to annotate.

“What's Up Matador” (Various Artists)

Double disc set of Indie Rock (Yo La Tango, Pavement, Liz Phair- when she was still relevant, et al). Still listenable.

Various World of Gnawa
Various World of Gnawa

Gnawa is a tribal style, I think. I do know that this CD, while new to my collection, is already a favorite.

Charlie Poole You Ain't Talkin' to Me
Charlie Poole You Ain't Talkin' to Me
Per a recent write-up, purchased this monster box set.

Zimbabwe Rough Guide
Zimbabwe Rough Guide

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