Reviews W Part 6

Not everything matters much....

Doc Watson

Vanguard Years

Vanguard Years

Enough finger-picking to last for a while. Better consumed in small doses, as this is a 4 CD set, comprising almost 3 hours of material recorded from 1964-1968.

Doc Watson & Clarence Ashley
Doc Watson & Clarence Ashley
Paired up with Clarence Ashley, the banjo player and comedian. Apparently, at the time of this recording, Doc Watson didn't own an acoustic guitar, only an electric one that he played in a rockabilly band. Couldn't tell by listening to this great, great album.

Doc and Merle Watson - Then and Now
Doc and Merle Watson - Then and Now/Two Days in November
Another worthy album (combining two albums in one cd), full of delightful finger picking guitar, some blues, traditional songs. Merle is Doc's son, who died in an auto crash 1985. Standouts: Bottle of Wine, Bonaparte's Retreat.


Low to the Ground
Meh. Fluffy, cotton candy alterna-rock.

Wedding Present

Hit Parade

Hit Parade

Who knows how or why I own this? Not I. Fair-to-middling early 90s Indie rock. Nothing to build a life around however.


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