Step Child moves in and FRT Shiner Bock Edition


Based on some potential upcoming work, I finally gave my numb-wit step child of a computer, an HP Windows XP machine, a desk of its own. I've had the thing a year or two, and it's serviceable, even though it won't print to any ethernet-attached printers. Never used it enough to place it at a comfortable desk, until today. If only there were better mapping software options for OS X!


bigger size here

For contrast, here is my main workspace, with a relatively clean desk
Office desk 9-05
(bigger version here)

Anyway, seems like a perfect segue into the Friday Randomizer Ten, which makes me very, very thirsty for a Shiner Bock for some reason.

Oregon Trail Woody Guthrie Woody Guthrie Sings Folks Songs
Duppy Conquerer Marley, Bob & The Wailers African Herbsman
Ikbayene Tartit Ichichila
Stay Human (All The Freaky People) Michael Franti And Spearhead Stay Human
Mahraba Maleem Mahmoud Ghania w/ Pharoah Sanders The Trance Of Seven Colors
Peter Piper Run-D.M.C. Run-D.M.C. - Greatest Hits
Low Side Of The Road Waits, Tom Mule Variations
Old Man Mose - Take E Armstrong, Louis Rhythm Saved The World
Fef Ka Efe Fela Kuti Music Is The Weapon Of Future Vol. 2
Shiner Song (polka) Joe Patek & His Orchestra Texas-Czech, Bohemian, & Moravian Bands

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Whoa, we used to have those exact glass desks at my office until 6 months ago. Where did you get it?

I actually don't remember. Have had it in various rooms since at least 2000. I'll ask my office mate: she remembers details like that.

Craig: this desk came from the lovely and talented Ace Hardware on Elston. Not very exotic I'm afraid.

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