Wrong Answer

I've sold more than Bob Marley
Pop: Shaggy tells Amina Taylor why he deserves to be ranked among reggae's best.

Wrong. Give me even a lesser Marley album, if there is such a thing, any day instead of some halfway interesting fluff by Shaggy.



First of all, one must take into consideration that comparing Shaggy and Bob is like comparing apples and oranges. Both of them are fruit, aka reggae artists, but one is roots reggae, the other dancehall.

What Shaggy has accomplished leaves little to scoff at. Sure, his lyrics my lack the conciousness of Bob's, but he has managed to bring dancehall reggae to the MTV crowd, making way for artists like Beenie Man.

Just because his music may not be to your liking does not mean he does not deserve the respect of the reggae community.

I've nothing against Shaggy, I just thought his comment a little over the top. And in my mind, it isn't really comparing apples and oranges, but Braeburn apples vs. Golden Delicious. One just has a lot more taste than the other, regardless of sales volume.

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