The Gap hates Mac users

On a whim, I clicked on a Gap ad to see if there were any cheap t-shirts or something. I use Safari as my main browser, as most Mac OS X users do. This is the message I received:
We're sorry, but we do not support the version of the browser you are using.
Our site works best with the following browsers:

PC users
Internet Explorer 5.5 and above
Netscape 7 and above
Mozilla (including Firefox) 1.0 and above

Mac users
Netscape 7 and above
Mozilla (including Firefox) 1.0 and above

Right, thanks for nothing. Is it really that hard to make a web site that dominant browsers can parse? Furthermore, isn't there a Gap executive on the board of Apple Computers, Inc.?

Gap Sucks

The Gap sucks anyway. They are probably mad about that whole FAT store thing in the NYT recently.

If I go so far as to change my 'user agent', so that Safari announces that it is some other browser, like Windows IE 6, then the site loads fine, no errors.

update 11-2-05 - wrote to the Gap, complaining, and this was their mealy-mouthed response

We apologize for the difficulties you experienced on our site. Currently we support AOL, Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Firefox for PC users. Unfortunately, we temporarily do not support ... Macintosh. If you continue to experience problems with any of the browsers that we support, please check your browser settings to confirm that they meet our requirements.

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