Tropicalia at the MCA

MCA Chicago

In conjunction with the exhibition Tropicália: A Revolution in Brazilian Culture (October 22, 2005 – January 8, 2006), the MCA presents an exciting series of concerts, performances, and film screenings. The Tropicália movement was brief but lasting, transforming Brazilian culture and inspiring generations of artists, performers, and musicians. In addition to the World Music Festival performances of Orquestra Imperial with Seu Jorge, and Dominico +2 with On Fillmore (see World Music Festival above); and the Chicago Human Rhythm Project with Vatá Tap (see Chicago Human Rhythm Project below), the MCA presents several other Brazilian performances

The flyer we got says this is Friday October 21st, but the website is unclear, but there seems to be several events going on at the MCA supporting the Tropicalia exhibit. If you don't know about Tropicália , you should learn. Some spectacular music.

There's also a gala Thursday:

Tropicália opens in high style at the opening-night gala on Thursday, October 20, at the MCA. Co-chairs Abe Tomás Hughes, II and Diana Karnas, Mona and Edward Zander, and Sandy and Jim Reynolds have planned an amazing evening with Brazilian musicians performing throughout the museum and sculpture garden.

I want to go to both, we'll see if work allows. Today is actually supposed to be a holiday: Rosh Hashana (year 5766), so not supposed to discuss work at all. Well, D isn't anyway. As the resident pagan/whatever, I can filter things to her, if need be. Tomorrow too. She was brought up in an Orthodox household, with a kosher kitchen (two sinks so as to not mix the meat and dairy, etc.), but doesn't go to such extremes these days. She still considers herself Jewish, and we usually attend the High Holiday services, but she will eat crab, lobster, shrimp, etc., just not on holy days.

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