Netflixed: The Miracle of Morgan's Creek

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On a Preston Sturges kick: a shame there aren't more of his movies available. After this one, we'll have seen all of the Preston Sturges written/directed movies on DVD. All were good - and several have the “Criterion Collection” treatment - ie, restored film quality, and extensive DVD extras. Worth checking out, if you like literate comedic films.

Netflixed: The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
In this daring, slapstick farce that's become a classic, Betty Hutton plays a small-town girl who attends an all-night party and suddenly finds herself "in the family way." Trouble is, she can't remember who the father might be. Directed by Preston Sturges, this hilarious comedy features Eddie Bracken as a loveably nerdy suitor who's willing to marry Hutton. Williams Demarest, Brian Donlevy and Akim Tamiroff co-star.

Miracle of Morgan's Creek
Miracle of Morgan's Creek

1 Comment

Thanks for the recommendation--I've never seen a Preston Sturges film, and kept forgetting to add his stuff on Netflix. Until now!

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