Reserve Chicago nightclub serves $950 cocktail
A lounge in the West Loop could have the biggest bar tabs in town. One drink plus tip --could set you back almost a thousand bucks.

“Reserve” is serving up a cocktail for $950. You get a mix of Grey Goose vodka, a cognac and vodka liqueur called Hyptoniq, pomegranate juice, orange juice, and a splash of Dom Perignon, and the special ingredient -- a one carat ruby garnish.

The restaurant says it has sold three of the cocktails since putting it on its menu a few weeks ago.

Stupid Ruby Drink

Ridiculous. I've walked past this place (858 W. Lake St.), and it didn't look like somewhere I'd enjoy entering. Now I know for sure. I thought eating sushi off of a naked chick was bad (Kizoku), but a $950 cocktail that mixes vodka, cognac and Dom Perignon is just stupid.

How about instead of blowing $1000 on a lame drink, just throw twenty dollar bills out of your Hummer as you leave the West Loop to go back to Highland Park? There's plenty of dudes hanging around Halsted at 2 AM who could use the cash.

Whatever gets ya laid, I guess.

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