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B12 received its one-hundred thousand visitor sometime last night.

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Visitor's Time Dec 5 2005 1:10:47 am
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Whoo hoo. There was some piece on Tinsley Mortimer in the weekend NYT, which generated over 400 hits here over the last couple days.

Kroger buying Albertson's (151 searches out of the last 1000)
The old standby, with some really funny comments DHL Sucks (130 searches out of the last 1000)
and the Gap sucks (73 searches out of the last 1000)
The Aristocrats
Roxio's Popcorn DVD copying software
the origin of the word, c*nt

Other fun recent search terms
“fraud's many helper points”
correcting washed out photos (from an Airforce domain - one wonders)
the origin of the word, crinite
cork wine bad “look at the cork”
how would I look with a shaved head (not sure they found what they wanted, but hey, if it worked for MJ)

“email contact of big man deaf people in business or company 2005”, which led here for some reason
projected demand for fluoxetine hydrochloride
yojimbo essay (the student looking to copy my 'essay' on Yojimbo must have been sorely disappointed. My essays are rather brief these days, unless I'm being paid for word-count, which I'm not.
Kobe takes too many shots (still true this season, but then who else is going to take them? Must be the worst Laker team in recent memory.)
The Meat Packing Industry in 2005 (yeah, I'm a real expert on that field /sarcastic tone)
Learn Curse words (I had forgotten about this site - worth a visit)
Fuck OReilly truer words never typed!

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