Can I have a refund?

or at least an IOU?

Waveflux Iraq, a thousand days later: A sub-total for your convenience
One thousand days of war, and where do we stand? One way to measure the cost of George Bush's ill-considered war is look at what we've spent: 204.4 billion (yes, billion) dollars. That is an astonishing sum; that's a lot of zeroes. $204,400,000,000.

So far.

Another way to look at that figure: it's more than the gross national income of all but nineteen countries in the world as of this writing.

There are one hundred seventy-three nations on Earth, incidentally. Start with number twenty on the list - Austria - and scroll down. George Bush's war has them all beat.

Jesus Herbert, how come impeachment proceedings haven't been initiated yet?

More evidence of incompetence and fiscal mismanagement collected at Waveflux

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