DHL incompetence

DHL loses items even for large corporations. Why would anyone choose to ship via DHL? Boggles the mind.

Shipper locates missing tape with mortgage data:
A missing computer tape with personal information about 2 million ABN Amro residential mortgage customers... has been discovered at a DHL facility in Ohio and returned, via overnight shipping, to the lender.

The tape, which included the names and Social Security numbers of all residential customers of Chicago-based LaSalle Bank Corp.'s mortgage business, went missing Nov. 18 en route to Texas after being picked up by DHL at an ABN data processing center in Chicago.

So, shipped November 18th, and just now 'discovered', days after several news articles published. Hmmmmmmm.

If you have a few moments, read some of the comments on this thread about the incompetence of DHL.

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