Everyone should switch to opium

or salvia. The smoke doesn't linger as long, doesn't smell as horrible, and is in general, just better for you anyway. Sativa would be a second choice.

WSJ.com - Westin to Ban Smoking At Its Hotels Nationwide
Westin Hotels & Resorts is banning smoking indoors and poolside at all 77 of its properties in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean, said senior Vice President Sue Brush. Smokers will have to go to a designated outdoor area, she said....

Ms. Brush said customers will be advised about the policy at check-in. If a guest violates the rule -- “when we can observe it by smelling it or whatever” -- a $200 fee will be added to the bill.

“It's really a cleaning fee,” she said. The 2,400 smoking rooms in the chain are undergoing deep cleaning and air purifying before the Jan. 1 changeover, “and once you smoke in there you've violated that entire environment and we have to clean it all over again.”

The smoking ban will apply to hallways, lobbies, and restaurants, except for the eight restaurants that are run by outside companies and not under Westin's control, Ms. Brush said. “They will be invited to participate,” she added.

Smokers rights
Even a blizzard won't cure the need for the killer weed (tobacco, not salvia, btw), some smokers brave the elements to have a puff.

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