FCC delays rules aimed at curbing business `junk faxes'

Junk faxes suck.

FCC delays rules aimed at curbing business `junk faxes' The Federal Communications Commission delayed implementing rules that would require businesses to get written consent from recipients before sending a fax.

The rule was supposed to take effect Jan. 9, but the FCC on Dec. 9 put the action on hold while seeking public comment on the proposal.

Under rules approved by Congress last year, businesses would be required to tell recipients of unwanted faxes how to opt out from getting more of them. Limits on “junk faxes” must be in place by April 5 under the law signed by President Bush in July.

What an utter crock. Junk faxes are a bane of a small business. We had to go so far as to change the fax number printed on our business cards (and our fax number) because so many business scum thought it perfectly acceptable to fax their crap to us. At least with direct mail, you can just throw the envelope out - you aren't forced to spend your own money on paper and ink/toner.


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