Memory Lane

about this time of year (early December), but 12 years ago, prior to moving to Chicago, I spent two months exploring London, Italy, and Amsterdam. I wish I could go again this year.

Barbershop, Tuscany
Your humble narrator, prior to having my locks shorn on a hillside farm in Tuscany (Castiglion Fiorentino a small town near Arezzo). Circa 1993. Scan of a really poor 35mm print. Where are my negatives!

Heathrow bound 1994 double exposure
(larger size)

Your humble narrator about to leave London, combined with an inadvertent double exposure of some gravel pit outside of Austin Tx. A scan of a 35mm print, circa 1994, when I was 24 going on 65.

John Major is a Twat
London, unknown location, circa 1994. I think most of the hash was gone by this time, but maybe not. Scan of 35mm print. I really need to locate my negatives from the pre-digital era! This print is so faded, you can barely make out the graffiti (says John Major Is A Twat, which was probably true at the time, and maybe even at the present)

Can almost make it out in large version
but the print is only 3x5, so some digital artifacts were introduced when I upsized the photo.

Ah, youth.

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