Netflixed: F for Fake

For some reason, I thought I'd seen every Orson Welles movie. Guess not.

Shipped: F for Fake In this free-form documentary from the one and only Orson Welles, the famed storyteller zigzags through a sardonic, fanciful tale of how art manages to amaze and fool us, often simultaneously. With faux determination, Welles examines the charismatic artist Elmyr de Hory, who makes pretty good money creating bogus Picassos and Matisses. Also fascinating is Welles's own deception and a peek into the life of the very private man.

“F for Fake - Criterion Collection” (Criterion)

Parenthetical note: could somebody just buy me all of the Criterion Collection movies at once? Thanks! There are some movies in the Criterion Collection I probably would never watch, but not many. It's a film students dream collection, plus with interviews, restored prints, yadda yadda. plus
Shipped: The Killers: Criterion Collection (1964): Disc 2 This disc contains the 1964 Don Siegel version starring Lee Marvin and Clu Gulager as a pair of gunmen scouring a seedy underworld. The 1964 remake (of sorts) by Don Siegel builds another whole world around Hemingway's narrow, if intense, premise. The two assassins of Siegel's film (Clu Gulager, Lee Marvin) go in search of their intended victim--a teacher (John Cassavetes) at a school for the blind--and find that he not only recognizes his fate when they show up, but seems entirely resigned to it. Curiosity leads the killers to seek out the party who hired them and discover why Cassavetes's character didn't run or fight. Soon the facts tumble into place--the dead man had once been a top-drawer racer who fell for a glamorous woman (Angie Dickinson), the latter gradually pulling him into the orbit of a criminal villain (a convincingly evil Ronald Reagan)--and the film becomes increasingly dark and dangerous. Originally shot for television but rejected for its violence, Siegel's film is a blistering experience of swimming against the currents of fate for one's survival--and losing.
Film noir, baby. Two versions of the same movie, the 1964 version shipped first.

The Killers
The Killers


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