obligatory 2005 lists

I'm not always enamored of making 'year end', “best of” lists, but I may publish a perfunctory few. Last night at dinner, D and I tried to come up with a list of our top ten restaurants. A few former favorites have probably fallen off the list (like Opera) because of changes in their chef/menu, or other reasons. I insisted that only restaurants we've eaten at this year would qualify, and that frequency of visit had to be a factor, and not just deliciousness.

With Netflix, and a judicious amount of 'time-shifting', I've probably seen 200 movies this year, maybe more. Haven't yet found a good system to tally and annotate movies viewed earlier in the year.

This also was a year that I blew way too much money on music - a perfunctory glance shows something like 300 new albums added to my library in 2005. Yikes.

I've always found that year end lists inevitably skew towards the latter part of the year (which is why so many quality movies get released near the Oscar balloting), and I'll try not to fall in that trap, if possible.


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