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Printing a document gives me this error -

HP Color LaserJet 4500 and 4550 Series Printers

53.10.03 error

With one of the following:

A row of 16 asterisks (*).

The formatter contains no onboard memory. The 4550 requires at least one 64 MB DIMM to function. If there is no memory DIMM in slot one (labeled J11 on the formatter board) or two (labeled J13 on the formatter board), or if the memory is not being recognized, the control panel will display “53.10.03”.

Turn off the printer to clear the error. Remove the formatter board. Verify that the DIMM is correctly installed on the formatter by removing and reinstalling the DIMM. If the DIMM is correctly installed, it should be tested and may need to be replaced. The HP Color LaserJet 4550 needs PC100, 168 pin, non-parity, unbuffered, 8ns, 3.3 volt, synchronous SDRAM DIMMs, with a SDRAM timings of CL=2, in either 64 MB or 128 MB pieces. Ensure that it is an HP memory module, or that it meets the specifications for third party memory. Although 64 or 128 MB DIMMs can be used in any combination, the printer will only recognize and use a maximum of 192 MB. EDO DIMMs are not supported. HP’s part number for the HP Color LaserJet 4550 memory is C7848A for 64 MB and C7850A for 128 MB. Use the instructions from the User's Guide or those provided in the “Installing DIMMs and verifying installation” section later in this document

Doh! Of course, this printer is paid for, and was working up until yesterday afternoon. Nobody has been near it -it is networked into a room by itself (with fax machine and photocopier), how does a DIMM suddenly get loose? I hope that's all it is.

Update: solution described here (with photos)

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what's the eta? Need this printer, dude.

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