Pump up the bass

Bass Ale To Debut Updated Look
England's oldest trademark, Bass, gets a facelift starting in January.
The brew's red triangle logo will be edged in gold and be seen in advertising, packaging, POP, merchandise, wearables, glassware and online. Another change—perhaps showing Bass' affinity with the growing craft beer segment—is that InBev USA literature refers to the English import as Bass Pale Ale where previously it was simply called Bass. .. Bass was first brewed in 1777 and withstood many attempts at imitation. In 1875, brewers applied for and were granted England's first trademark. Bass' red triangle logo lays some claim to being the world's first registered trademark.

I've slurped a few dozen gallons of Bass over the years. The current bottle claims:

“...painted by Manet, loved by Napoleon, taken into the Wild West by Buffalo Bill and to the South Pole by Sir Ernest Shackleton. It was even a passenger on the Titanic's maiden, and only, cross-Atlantic trip.”

bass on the roof - afternoon delight
(click for larger version and superfluous Clash reference)


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