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I forgot to post this on the day the Chicago Bulls retired the number of my favorite player of the Dynasty Bulls, Scottie Pippen's 33. Pippen always seemed more mortal than Jordan. Anyway, Pip had a few choice observations about current NBA players that I thought worth preserving:

Chicago Tribune | Scottie Pippen on:

Whom he would pay to watch: Kobe [Bryant]. San Antonio as a team. They play team basketball and beat you with consistency.

Cuttino Mobley. A hard worker who wants to win.

Dwyane Wade. He brings a lot to the game. I like guys who play hard and not just on one end. [Tracy] McGrady just scores; same with Ray Allen and Steve Francis. I can watch [Allen] Iverson. I'm not as big a fan. You get tired of seeing one guy shoot the ball all the time. I'd rather watch Steve Nash, even though sometimes he dribbles too much.

[Dirk] Nowitzki, I don't like his game. If I could still play, I'd guard him every time. He plays one end of the court. You have to hide him on defense. When McGrady guarded him, he was done.

I like [Ron] Artest, though I'm not sure he can keep it up, very exciting, fundamentally sound. He just doesn't bring it from a mental standpoint.

Carmelo Anthony? The NBA kills some of these guys. Here's a guy who wants a maximum contract. What have the Denver Nuggets ever done? Have they won a division? Where are they this year?“

...Kevin Garnett: ”He really set the tone for self-destruction. He's very productive but unproductive. He gets you all the stats you want, but at the end of the day his points don't have an impact on [winning] the game. He plays with a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm, but in the last five minutes of the game he ain't the same player as in the first five.

...Portland: “It was cool, but [GM Bob] Whitsitt destroyed the team. We got to the [conference] finals and he brings in Shawn Kemp. He trades Jermaine O'Neal. The sad part is we weren't even together a year and he destroys the team. Then he got all the crazier players, athletes but dumb players. I'd have Rasheed [Wallace] on my team anytime. He's a smart player.”

Hmm, even though Pip contradicts himself about McGrady (McGrady only scores, but then shuts Dirk Nowitzki down? Oh well, I get what he means) , I totally agree about the Dallas Mavericks and Nowitzki. Perhaps because I grew up despising the Cowboys, but I cannot root for the Mavs, Mark Cuban notwithstanding.


Shaquille O'Neal: “I can respect Shaq. Everyone gets old in the game. He's on the downside. I went through that. I still like watching him play. He's an X-factor whenever he's on the court.

Who's like him: ”From an individual standpoint, Tayshaun Prince.“

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update, upon re-reading this, I added a few positive things Pippen said about current NBA players, fair and balanced baby.

update 5/2006. I guess, based on my site traffic, Pippen said something inane or inflammatory recently. I think the knuckle-heads who run ESPN practically beg their studio analysts to do so.

update 2/15/07. Pippen wants to make a comeback, playing for an interested (and unnamed) team.

---update, as good as place as any to add this Youtube clip.

a young, young, young Scottie Pippen getting bullied by Oakley. Is this why the Bulls traded Oak?


Bah, you get linked to from True Hoop and my blog entries don't ;)

Anyway, some good points Pippen makes. The McGrady guarding Dirk is good joke, actually. I love Tayshaun Prince, a fantastic team-player, but I'm not sure he's like Pippen. Prince has a better perimeter game and doesn't rebound as much, but he doesn't have to with the Wallace patrolling the lane.

I also didn't get the Mobley props. Maybe there's more to the Cat's game than I thought.

How can you say that Prince has a better outside game than did Pippen. Dont get me wrong Prince is good and can shoot but check out some stats per game and compare.

[if I had to choose Pip or Prince in their prime, I'd choose Pip every time. But that's just me. - Seth ]

Just wondering, if there is an update on when and if pippin will return, also, where too. I would like to see him with kobe bryant, you know the new m.j.

[if I had to choose Pip or Prince in their prime, I'd choose Pip every time. But that's just me. - Seth ]

January 9, 2007 6:37 PM

I don't even have to think about that question at all. Pip was twenty times better than Prince. Prince is a decent player that is and has always been surrounded by supreme defensive talent and great ball handlers. but put him on another team and he is quickly mediocre at best. As well, Pippen made the All-star team numerous times and even was in consideration during some of the not-so-good years in Portland when he was the fourth option-hence Prince. That just speaks for his game. It's Pippen all the way.

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