Team Loyalty

Team loyalty is an arbitrary selection anyway. Who can figure out why one roots for certain teams and not others? There are those who by virtue of geography (physical or mental) stick with just one team their entire lives. Not I. I've watched only a handful of quarters of this years Sacramento Kings, which two years ago, I watched nearly every quarter of every game. However, this year, I've watched more Bulls games than last year, by far.

Watch a lot of Mavs games, just to root against them. Same with the Knicks and the Celtics - whoever they play, I root for. I used to do that with the Shaq/Kobe Lakers, and last year with the Kobe Lakers, but this year, I've found myself rooting for Mambo occasionally. I watched the first three Portland games, but none since. Can't say I'm a fickle fan, but certain teams just don't interest me (Cavs, Wiz, Nets) no matter what. I haven't seen a complete Raptor, Hawk, Charlotte, Hornet or Jazz game in years. Blah blah blah.

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