Thomas Hawk vs. PriceRitePhotos

Thomas Hawk - PriceRitePhotos Supposed “Out of Stock” Camera on Flickr
Update #2: Well I just received a call back from Steve Phillips at PriceRitePhoto. He said that I should be expecting a call from the “FBI” shortly and that “my tactics” of flooding his store's phone lines was “illegal.” When I asked him to hold on as I wanted to turn on my recorder to record our conversation he hung up on me.

Of course I have not called his store at all but I'd imagine that the attention that his abuse has recieved from Digg and other places on the internet may have something to do with that.

Thomas Hawk has an update on the scam company, PriceRitePhoto, who now threatens to 'go to the FBI', and also some responses he received from Elliot Spitzer, and Yahoo. Read it here, and the original description here, or at Thomas Hawk's blog


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