Somehow, I think Neal Boortz doesn't care much for post-shot clock NBA players, and especially not the ones who aren't from Germany or Lithuania. In case that's obsfucated, let me be more clear - Neal Boortz is a fucking racist, and mentally deficient to boot. And I would hazard a guess that not many “NBA superstars” would need to obtain flat screen televisions via smash-and-grab sessions.

From Media Matters

Media Matters - Boortz predicted L.A. riots would follow Williams execution; forecasted looting by “aspiring rappers and NBA superstars”

In a December 12 weblog post, nationally syndicated radio host Neal Boortz predicted that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) would commute the sentence of convicted murderer Stanley “Tookie” Williams to life imprisonment because “Schwarzenegger knows full well that as soon as Tookie's death is announced there will be riots in South Central Los Angeles and elsewhere.” Boortz wrote that “[t]here are thugs just waiting for an excuse ... not a reason, an excuse” and explained that “[t]he rioting, of course, will lead to wide scale looting.” Boortz added: “There are a lot of aspiring rappers and NBA superstars who could really use a nice flat-screen television right now.” The weblog entry, titled, “They're just looking for an excuse, not a reason,” also contained a poll asking readers: “Is it worth it to commute Tookie's sentence to life in prison if it saves Los Angeles from rioting?”

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