Crime down, mostly

I could resort to wry humor, or whine, but really, what's the point.

Chicago crime dropped in 2005
Reported crime in Chicago fell in every category except burglary, according to final police statistics for 2005 released Tuesday.

Numbers for the most serious crimes were about the same as 2004, with 447 murders in 2005 and 448 the year before. Aggravated batteries, a category that includes non-fatal shootings, was down 2.4 percent.

Only burglary increased—by 3.1 percent.

Police Supt. Philip Cline said he hopes a new grant-funded program to use palm-print scanners will increase the department's ability to catch burglars.

The department received a $675,000 grant from the Illinois Criminal Justice Authority and a $225,000 matching grant from the city to buy 35 scanners to create a palm-print database, police spokeswoman Monique Bond said.

Of the prints left at crime scenes, 30 percent are palm prints, she said.

Actually, there was a big palm print on the passenger side of our car when the windows were smashed. Of course, multiple phone calls to the Chicago Police were not enough to actually get somebody to show up to take a look. After about a week, we gave up. I guess catching repeat offenders isn't really very interesting to the CPD, especially because we burned a DVD of the guy entering our building and all.

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