Google Earth for Mac finally

About freakin' time. There is a PC in this office, about 10 feet from where I'm currently sitting, but it is really too slow of a machine to run Google Earth comfortably.

Google Earth in a Mac world (PC too) ... we have a brand new member of the family -- Google Earth for Macintosh. We're happy to finally have some good news for the, ahem, vocal Mac enthusiasts we've been hearing from. Let's just say that we have gotten more than a few “requests” for a Mac version of Google Earth

Download it here (for Mac or PC)

Google Earth old data
Looks like the data is a couple years old already. Of the three restaurants listed on Randolph, 2 are gone, and one has changed twice. The Haymarket Riot isn't installed yet, nor is Crane's Alley re-cobble-stoned. Oh well, still cool.

oh, and this hack is apparently (hopefully temporarily) disables

Dan at Geobloggers, who writes in with a new service which displays the 50 closest Flickr photos near a place you’re viewing using Google Earth.

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