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Yet another meeting with the City of Chicago (DCAP) today re our Yurt plans. Since last discussed (nearly 2 freaking years ago!!), we have finally got architect-stamped plans, structural engineer-stamped plans, and Condo board sign offs. Now, just need to get our plans approved at City Hall. I believe our first meeting with the City was in Sept (maybe August) of last year. They requested additional information, but then our architect sort of fell asleep, or became a junkie, or something, and even with our constant prodding, didn't do what he said he would do in a timely fashion. Perhaps he had other priorities?

Had 3rd meeting at the City yesterday, but then our architect didn't show up (he claimed to have had the wrong date written down. If this was an isolated occurrence, sure, I'd probably believe him. But it isn't). Anyway, was able to get the meeting rescheduled for today. Wish us luck!

Currently, building a narrow spiral stair up to the roof from the 6th floor into a fairly small “stair enclosure”. Surrounding this structure will be decking and green roofing (succulents mostly, but perhaps some trees). After this all is built, we place a 16 foot diameter yurt.

Scan of fairly recent edition of the plans below the fold.

Now, can we afford to build this? No, but then that is what home equity loans are for, right?

Roof Deck for yurt
(click for larger view)

I added where the yurt will be approximately, but I don't think I made the circle to scale.

(update 3/14/06 - plans approved. Yayyy!!!)

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