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I've never been bothered by holding an opinion contrary to 'everyone else', and I have one in this case. I am not happy to smell burnt chocolate or other kinds of chocolate every day in the summer. The smell is most definitely not beloved by me (or D).


Chicago Is Home Sweet Home To Fewer Candy Factories
The smell wafts out among the high-rises, bridges and overpasses like invisible chocolaty tendrils catching passersby in every direction, drawing them toward the source -- an inconspicuous brick building on an industrial corner of downtown Chicago, home of the Blommer chocolate factory. The sometimes syrupy, sometimes burnt, but unmistakable scent from Blommer, North America's largest producer of raw chocolate, is beloved by many residents.

We met this guy out walking in our neighborhood last summer. Wished him well, even took some out-of-towners who love chocolate there.

...That's what entrepreneur and Army reservist Todd Moore was betting on when he co-founded the Chicago Chocolate Co. two years ago in between stints in Iraq. The company buys raw chocolate from Blommer and other producers and turns it into fancy truffles, balls and other confections that are sold in a “chocolate cafe” on a trendy strip west of downtown.

Don't get me wrong, I like chocolate well enough (though D does not), eat it a few times a year, and I hope the Chicago Chocolate Co. does well enough to upgrade their chairs into something comfortable enough to actually sit on. However, when I sit on my balcony in the summer, I don't want to smell chocolate at all times. I would much rather smell my flowers and plants, or even air that doesn't have an odor at all. If this makes me a weirdball, so be it. I still want the EPA to enforce pollution laws against Blommers, or any other business who wants to coat my lungs with particulate.

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