Set and setting


Probably wasn't the best 'set and setting' to dose soldiers thinking they were going to help cure the common cold. Who needs ethics when the Soviet threat loomed?

BBC NEWS | UK | MI6 payouts over secret LSD tests
Three UK ex-servicemen have been given compensation after they were given LSD without their consent in the 1950s

The men volunteered to be “guinea pigs” at the government research base Porton Down after being told scientists wanted to find a cure for the common cold.

But they were given the hallucinogen in mind control tests, and some volunteers had terrifying hallucinations.

Ken Kesey, Allen Ginsberg are some other notable psychedelic lab rats.

And via the miracle of boingboing, Einstein wrote about this experiment as well

Einstein And LSD

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Wtf, Einstein was dead by the time LSD was discovered. :<

Umm, no, LSD discovered in 1938, Einstein died in 1955. Cary Grant had dosed dozens of times by 1955, no reason to think Einstein didn’t join him

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