Jazz weekend

Saturday, as part of my weekend birthweek debauch, snuck into the Underground Wonderbar just before 8 to avoid paying cover charge. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the band was - played 2 hours of classic jazz standards. Recognized Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Charlie Parker, and at least one tune from John Coltrane.

Bruce Mak, Bo Berry, et al BW
Jazz band consisting of Bruce Mak, Bo Berry, et al

Underground Wonderbar
view of the bar, sans flash.

Bruce Mak and drummer
Bruce Mak and drummer-who-just-cut-off-seven-years-worth-of-dreads and whose name escapes me.

Jazz Band BW
Bruce Mak, Bo Berry on sax, and friends

Jazz club
your humble narrator having a celebratory birthday smoke (bummed some Drum tobacco from the bass player). Yeah, yeah, so chastise me. I enjoyed smoking it nonetheless. I've always been a sucker for hand-crafted objects, whether furniture or cigarettes.

Afterwards, stumbled over to Le Colonial for some French-Vietnamese appetizers.

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