Os Mutantes

Cool! Just pray to the various and sundry weather gods that the temperature is tolerable. We're misanthropes on the best of days, but when the weather and humidity conspire to beat us senseless, moving to the Yukon sounds like a passable solution. Standing cheek to jowl in a humid press of daze doesn't, no matter how spectacular our musical anticipation.

Os Mutantes
Os Mutantes

Pitchfork: Daily Music News
The Pitchfork Music Festival, taking place July 29 and 30 in Chicago's Union Park, isn't only going to be two days of happy people getting drunk and rocking out. It's also going to be an historic event.

We are honored and delighted to announce that Brazilian Tropicália gods Os Mutantes, reunited and performing live for the first time since 1973, will play the second day of the Pitchfork Music Festival. The psych-rock pioneers have scheduled just a handful of shows this summer, and we have been lucky enough to score their only American festival appearance. As Os Mutantes themselves once said, everything is possible--including getting to see a group of living legends play on the same bill as members of the younger musical generation they helped inspire, all for a ridiculously low ticket price.

Excellent news, courtesy of Gaper's Block

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