Roses for Helen

From the “I Wish I had Heard of This sooner” Department.

Would certainly have sent Ms. Thomas flowers, she deserves them, and more.

Roses For Helen

Helen Thomas receives roses Blessed are the peacemakers.   The bounty of beautiful roses from such wonderful people has lifted my heart and will remain in my memory for the rest of my life.  Thank you for caring that others may live.
Helen Thomas

Article here

The roses kept coming - and coming - and coming - to the Hearst Newspapers office in downtown Washington on Thursday, until they filled a large conference room to overflowing.

By the time the Federal Express delivery was complete, there were 108 dozen roses, nearly 1,300 in every color. They were the result of an e-mail campaign to show support for Hearst columnist Helen Thomas after she grilled President Bush about his Iraq policy at last week's White House news conference.

The [roses were] the brainchild of Clarity Sanderson, a 31-year-old Democratic activist from Sandy, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City, who was motivated by the sharp exchange between Thomas and Bush, and by an op-ed article Thomas wrote about the exchange in the Salt Lake Tribune.
Thomas shared her roses with Hearst bureau chief Chuck Lewis and other colleagues and sent the bulk of them to wounded military personnel at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

A class act, all the way.

Photos here (scroll down)

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