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At first, I thought this was another “blogging has jumped the shark because even xxx is blogging” snowclone, another entry into the Great Blog Gold Rush of 2006, but upon reflection, it seems like Boeing does understand (now) the concept/spirit behind blogging. So, more power to them.

Six Apart - Movable Type News - “Go Out And Get Better” - Behind the Scenes of Boeing's Blogs

Q: How was Flight Test Journal different from Randy’s Journal?

Byron: Flight Test was more casual and Boeing learned how compelling content drives traffic, as it was the people behind the planes, blogging about what they do and explaining how they test fly their jets. Lots of this stuff has never been discussed publicly.

Q: Okay, so Randy’s Journal is kind of the classic senior executive/thought leadership blog, Flight Test Journal was more of a first-person event blog around a specific project, and then IDS blogs are more of an intranet deployment.

We actually were going to pitch the services of Gekko Blogs to a prospective client of ours, but so far this perspective client has been unreceptive to most of our initiatives. Usually, we target larger, Fortune 500 companies who have money to spend, and a protocol of how to spend it, but a friend of ours is a neighbor of the CEO of this particular 1000 employee company, and we thought it was worth a shot. Small companies can sometimes be more nimble, quick to decide on good ideas, but they can just as easily be trouble, with unrealistic expectations, and apt to waste everyone's time.

Still have Gekko in our arsenal of ideas for the next receptive ear.

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