Cancelled meetings

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Cancelled 8 am meetings are best, the best Jerry!
(iffen you wish, embiggening is just a click away, or two if you want to be literal)

Designated Bird Feeding Area
Stencil in front of the Haymarket Memorial statue.

Not officially endorsed by The Mayor.

We've Got it Good in Evanston
using a faux-Kodachrome technique.

History Lesson
Pillar, Evanston.

Weave and Woof
Organic Pillar, Evanston

Is Your Love in Vain original version
sculpture, Skokie, detail

Is Your Love in Vain IR
sculpture, Skokie, detail, using faux infrared technique in Photoshop. Still bad light.

Details of the under-girders of society

Celebratory Curves
Almost Blakean

a quickr pickr post

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The girder photo is my favourite :)

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