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Working for oneself does have benefits other than not having to pee in a cup....

Interns? No Bloggers Need Apply - New York Times
“It is important that corporations make a choice as to what type of blogging they will allow,” said Alfred C. Frawley III, director of the intellectual property practice group at the law firm Preti Flaherty in Portland, Me.

While there are differences in laws among jurisdictions, from a legal perspective, he said, it is generally accepted that companies have the right to impose controls on their employees' use of computers and other equipment used for communication.

As for content — information generated within a company — the law also allows employers to set limits, even on airing the company laundry outside the office, he said. Private employees do not receive the protection of the First Amendment because there is no government action involved, he said.

“If an employee deviates from the policy, it may be grounds for termination,” Mr. Frawley said.

Viacom, the parent company of Comedy Central, now has an explicit policy. In a section on confidentiality, it states that the employee is “discouraged from publicly discussing work-related matters, whether constituting confidential information or not, outside of appropriate work channels, including online in chat rooms or 'blogs'

Though, we actually strive to avoid direct discussion of clients, ya never know what drunken throw-away comment could come back and bite us on the tuchis. So, in other words, we obviously don't do any work for the Bush White House.


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