Domestic violence


I happened to witness the aftermath of this incident: 2 police officers escorting a woman with a big shiner out of my office's elevator, helping her carry her possessions.

According to the ChicagoCrime map, there was an arrest involved.
Case no. HM325562 |

Domestic Violence
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We didn't recognize the woman (photo taken from across the street, and thus horribly pixelated, but you can still see her shiner), but apparently she was living with a resident of the building. Now that I know this guy is a woman-beater, do I nod hello at him anymore? Or spit in his eye? So foreign to my upbringing - I've been in plenty of heated arguments with various girlfriends/ex-girlfriends over the years, but never even once considered punching one in the face.

Hope I don't get sued....

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A nod would be about the most I'd give him.

I don't know if I can nod at him. I don't know if I could hold the door open for him without my disgust burbling up. We'll see.

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