EU Court Nixes Giving Air Data to U.S.


EU Court Nixes Giving Air Data to U.S. :

The European Union's highest court ruled Tuesday that the EU acted illegally when it struck a deal giving U.S. authorities personal details of airline passengers in a bid to fight terrorism.

Under an agreement reached in 2004, European airlines are compelled to turn over 34 pieces of information about each passenger -- including name, address and credit card details -- within 15 minutes of departure for the United States.

Ummm, kind of too late now, isn't it? I guess, going forward is better than nothing, but everyone who has travelled in the last 2 years has already been added to the TIA database.

Also, the White House is very gung-ho on continuing this program.

Washington has warned airlines face fines of up to $6,000 per passenger and the loss of landing rights if the relevant information is not passed on.

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