Friday is Fun Foto day


If you can read this, then, yayyy, B12 is alive! Luckily we were busy as frack, so I didn't really have blog withdrawal symptoms. Much anyway.

canoe headCanoe Head
Backyard of 33 Baldwin St, Toronto, aka Ragnarokr, circa 1972-3. Your humble narrator sucking on what looks like a squeegee that I pray was clean. Scanned from an old print.

Don't know who the gentleman on the left is, perhaps Chris Risk? Frank Tettemer? My dad in hard hat, and my uncle Phil on the right.

and of course, like all places, this area sure has changed:

Toronto a City of Neighborhoods


In contrast to areas like Yorkville or Little Italy, Baldwin Street Village breathes an air of bohemian sophistication. This culturally diverse area has seen Irish, Jewish, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese communities make their homes here. The end result of the area’s rich history is an eclectic mixture of people, cuisines and shops. You’ll find French, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, and Vegetarian food. Lunchtime sees a rush of suits from nearby offices, while the afternoon lull gives off a siesta vibe that can be felt along the whole street. When the sun begins to sink, twinkling lights float romantically in the canopies above enhancing the intimacy of the setting. The sound of cutlery clinking on the plates begins again, and the street remains a private, delightful entity all its own.
• Traditional Japanese cuisine at Kon-nichi-wa (31 Baldwin St.) or Fujiyama (49 Baldwin St.), Indian at Jodhpore Club (33 Baldwin St.), or Italian at Café Tuscany (45 Baldwin St.). Or grab a Chinese pastry at the Yung Sing Pastry Shop (22 Baldwin St.), and sit on the bench and ponder what else you’re going to eat.
• Chada Import Gallery (25 Baldwin St.) is crammed with exotica from around the world including jewellery, furniture, clothes and knick-knacks. Music of all kinds including albums (remember those?) are at Around Again (18 Baldwin St.).
• A margarita at Margarita’s (14 Baldwin St.) is a great way to unwind. Finish off your day with an intimate dinner. Classical French can be found at Bodega (30 Baldwin St.) and Café la Gaffe (24 Baldwin St.), or if you have Malaysia on your mind, the Mata Hari Grill (39 Baldwin St.) will take you there.

Yung Sing Pastry was there in the 70s, but not much else.

Seth and guitar 1971Seth and Guitar, 1971
Your humble narrator, circa 1971-72, Auburn, California. I still find it hard to sit still for long periods of time, but now at least my feet can touch the floor.

Scanned from a poorly preserved print. You can see plenty of imperfections in the print if you look closely, especially the Photoshop version. Perhaps medium format film.

Homage to George L. Kelling
Homage to George L. Kelling
Broken window theory in action.

WIndow, in building owned by the CTA, has had a broken window for several years now.

All Made HereAll Made Here
Bacon, Hams, Sausages, Salamis. In the West Loop, which is still predominately food processing factories.

Courtney Love fan marks territory.

May Day and police
Chicago Police came out in force to witness a few anarchists and communists speak at the Haymarket, May Day.

I watched one officer make an ironic Black Power fist for the amusement of another officer. He looked too young to be reminiscing.

World Without Borders
May Day rally

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I like the broken window photo very much Seth.

Thanks, Matt, it is one of my favorites too. I think it will look nice printed life size (20 inch by 30 inch, not sure of my metric conversion anymore).

2.54cm to an inch ;)

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