Friday Photo Fun-o


From last week. Click to embiggen, natch.

So Many Possibilities So Many Possibilities
Rust formations are abstract art in my mind. In fact, frequently more interesting, and cheaper.

Graphic Arts Finishing Graphic Arts Finishing
Alleyway, somewhere in the city limits....

Shaving is for Suckers Shaving is for Suckers
This is the face of Too-Much-Sake at Japonais.

plenty of stubble missed. And, neck-ties are for suckers as well.

Transcended by Tea
Transcended by Tea
Green tea, especially.

Accidental flash, or something. Who even knows. Like the result nonetheless.

Tale of 4 Nuts
Tale of 4 Nuts
over-saturated and all

Bird Watching urban style
Bird Watching urban style
outside of Kabuki Japanese Restaurant, 2400 Clark St.

Work Safely guilt trip
Work Safely guilt trip
construction site sign

Peeking through her keyhole
Peeking through her keyhole
Doorway under construction, Lincoln Park.

Sunday Afternoon in the Park
Sunday Afternoon in the Park
Squeezed in a few glorious hours of lounge-in-the-sun time last Sunday.

Summer is a beautiful season, isn't it? Especially the fleeting variety found in the northern climes.


I love the first photo! I don't even want to know what it is, I like the idea that you have left it to the viewer to see it as they like. As I have commented before, I like pictures showing the backs of buildings so the Graphic Arts Finishing Alleyway also appeals to me.

thanks! Those photos are both faves of mine too. You have good taste. Ahem.

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