Immigration Rally


The immigration rally started around 11 am, and for over three hours, folks were streaming past. Here a couple of photos. Probably more to come, haven't had time to peruse them all yet.

Immigration Rally the flag guy
Randolph and Desplaines

more below

May Day
May Day Rally preparation has begun

Immigrant Rally1
Folks are starting to arrive for the Immigrant rally/march.

May Day 2006 anticipation
Anticipation of May Day Rally - blockades are already up.

Immigration Rally4
Justice for All, and Sacar Corriendo al Gobierno de Bush

Immigration Rally3
at least 2 hours of marchers filled the street.

Immigration Rally2
at least 2 hours of marchers filled the street.

immigration rally6
Immigration rally

immigration rally7

Immigrant rights are workers rights

We Are workers not criminals
some signs at the immigration rally

We ask for 1 chance
some signs at the immigration rally

a quickr pickr post

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Wrong kid. You're criminals! Go back to Mexico!

hey, fuck you. Why don't you go back to wherever you came from? Do you have Cherokee blood? And of the people (dignified, working people) I saw, they were from all over. Irish, Israeli, Polish, Kenyan, etc.

To hell with the Cherokees! You're about as famous as Mexican war heroes.

Hey, why don't you just stay in Boise? What is your ancestry anyway?

Hey, S. Pate! I ain't no Mexican or Injun, that's fer sure!

Boise is nice without "fereners" messing it all up!


You may not be a "Mexican or Injun", but you sure are one ignorant SOB.

I'm guessing your ancestry is "from under a rock".

a white gal with ancestry in the United States dating to the 1600'; on the side of social justice.

Deb—a Communist who hates America and everything it "stood for in the beginning.”

Deb—a racial snob.

Deb—someone whose opinion Michael cares nothing for.

Have a nice day.

I'm the white gal who happens to agree with EditorMom's excellent article.

I don't expect you to care...or understand.
It's OK, Michael. Ignorance can be overcome.

Michael - if you weren't such an ignorant prick, your comments might be funny. Now you are calling someone a Communist because they support social justice? "Everything America stood for in the beginning"? Wtf is that supposed to mean?

And if you care so little what Deb, myself and most humans with an IQ over 75 think, why do you keep coming back here? I thought Boise was such a great place? Can't you secede or something? I'm too busy to look up the link at the moment, but Idaho sure gets a lot more federal tax dollars than it contributes.

Whatever, hate-monger. Knock yourself out.

Deb, you're an idiot! Get over yourself already.

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