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Movable Type 3.3 is approaching beta.

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What's new in Movable Type 3.3?

Some new features look good

Built in Tags, with support for automatically publishing tag clouds and support for the rel=“tag” attribute. Resizable posting text areas that remember your settings and have bigger, more readable fonts. Inclusion of a range of professionally-translated language packs so that all your authors can see the MT user interface in their own language. And smart default settings that don't overwhelm authors with fields they won't use. And an improved junk management system means you spend even less time dealing with spam.

A vastly improved search now offers per-blog templates for search results. This also combines with the new tagging feature to offer tag search across blogs, per-tag feeds, or even per-keyword feeds for search results. And search result feeds are OpenSearch compatible. If you're picky about URLs or trying to optimize for search engines, you can easily choose from a range of URL schemes, or create your own without editing templates. Each of your blogs' categories can have its own custom publishing path as well.

and some, meh

All activity on your blogs is now available in an Activity Feed, customized for every user in the system. Instead of getting emails about your blog, choose whether your Activity Feed includes information about comments, TrackBacks, entries, or any combination.

Still, glancing at the feature set, looks like something I'll install, soon as it is out of beta. I'll let those who have the free time/inclination iron out the bugs.


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