NBA Press conferences

I'm not sure if Mike D'Antoni (aka Coach Pornstache) gives good post-game press conferences because he played/coached all those years in Italy, or just because of who he is, but as I mentioned last year, it so refreshing to hear light hearted banter which avoids cliche. D'Antoni does tend to cut off a rambling question, and just jump in on a sports writer mid-sentence - another way to avoid cliche. Avery Johnson of the Mavs gives good quote sometimes, as does Gregg Popovich.

Parenthetical note, I believe this is Mark Cuban's point too, but am not sure.

Actually, as a quasi-literate guy, this would be the one thing I'd really, earnestly change about the American sports scene. Too much ink/screen pixel space is devoted to filler phrases, and meaningless speculation about nonsensical issues and trades. If you follow any sport, you read the same descriptions after every game, hear the same announcer patter (I tend to play music in the background to drown out the worst offenders - who shall remain nameless at this time), etc. Perhaps related to the sports blog phenomena - in the last couple of years, there has been a steady rise of intelligent post-game analysis, not from the traditional sports media, but from the blogs (True Hoop, et al).

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