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Both of these albums sound interesting. Neil Young, politics aside, has long been a favorite of mine, even though his last few records have been bleh. Young has never really been much of a political songwriter either, so Living With War seems to have sprung from an honestly emotional, visceral reaction to our misadventures in Iraq. The Guardian UK has more, but I'm already convinced this album will rock after reading this:

...Young's gargantuan 1991 tour which took place in the wake of George Bush Snr's war against Iraq. As the ear-splitting music, designed to mimic the sound of battle, drew to its climax, they turned around to find the members of New York's leading avant-garde rock group, Sonic Youth, sitting behind them, similarly open-mouthed.

Living with War
Living with War


We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions

We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions

Personally never been a member of the Springsteen cult, I can appreciate that plenty of folks like his style of Stax-record-filtered AOR, it just never resonated for me. However, Eric Zorn's passionate review intrigued me just enough to make an exception, and purchase one Springsteen album. If it sucks, I'm blaming Zorn.

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Last few records bleh? I love Greendale and Silver and Gold. Prairie Wind is just ok.

I listened to the stream off his website and didn't really like what I heard of the new one. Still bought it from Amazon because I must have all Neil.

Saw that '91 tour, and the strange anti-war stageshow featuring an elevation a la Iwo Jima of a giant fake mike with a yellow ribbon around it while Neil and Crazy Horse played "The Star-Spangled Banner." Loudest concert ever, and I've seen Slayer three times.

I haven't heard Greendale, so can't say, but Silver and Gold and Prairie Wind haven't stuck in my cs. I did just buy (well, fairly recently) On the Beach

On the Beach
which I never had on vinyl, and that album is great.

Missed the '91 concert for some reason that eludes me now, but I've heard it was good.

I recently picked up On the Beach as's now one of my favorites. Runs the gamut stylistically.

A friend told me that during the recording of On the Beach, the band did the equivalent of participating in a Scythian hemp ritual. Here's the recipe for honey-slides, via a transcription of some on-stage patter.
If the link is down (seems to be at the moment), check the google cache for honeyslides.

Oh, and speaking of Neil Young from the 70s, I have Time Fades Away on vinyl (in Austin), but it isn't available on CD as far as I've been able to discover. Great album too.

Time Fades Away Allmusic review.

Not sure which would be more exciting--finding a copy of Time Fades Away, or trying Honey Slides (which sounds like a boxed cereal).

Perhaps both at once would do the trick.

IIRC, all of those out-of-print albums were being remastered at Broken Arrow by Neil Young, up until his illness. On the Beach was out of print for a long time too. So, I expect Time Fades Away to come out this decade.

Honeyslides, umm, no comment, mmmmmmm.

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