On Hashish

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Am about halfway through Walter Benjamin's entertaining collection (post-humous, of course) of his notes of experimentations with hashish and other hallucinogens, called, appropriately enough, On Hashish. Sort of like a journal, scrapbook, or even a blog!

On Hashish (Walter Benjamin)
“On Hashish” (Walter Benjamin)

Must say it is only with extreme self-control that I do not scamper down the Bridge of Smoke myself after (or even during) finishing this book. Unfortunately, doing so would probably preclude me from attending any of our planned social events for the evening, as I am by temperament an introvert, and certain substances magnify my tendencies a hundred-fold.

Geoff imagined a dinner party with Hannah Arendt and Walter Benjamin passing the pipe. I'd love to attend: wouldn't mind sitting quietly in an easy chair with a pipe myself listening to them.

Counago and Spaves has more excerpts from Harpers if you aren't convinced yet.

My favorite aphorism, so far anyway, is from Main Features of My First Impression of Hashish:

“23. You follow the same paths of thought as before. Only, they appear strewn with roses.”

Amen, Brother WB, amen.

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This is suleiman from the heartland of hashish.....and its not just roses on those paths.............its a work of art (man)

depends if you smoke it with or without tobacco, drink it or eat it (with or without other edibles) ...anywasy basically the best drug in the world.........price, pros and cons and everything else

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