Schmap - Photo Inclusion Chicago

I've received the second 'notification' that photos of mine are being used by a third party, namely someone called Schmap.

Schmap - Photo Inclusion
Schmap Chicago Guide Photo Inclusion Your photo shown below have been selected for inclusion in our newly released Schmap Chicago Guide.

Who are these people? How come they don't offer to pay me? Are they selling this guide? No, I guess not. Do they plan to?

As previously blathered about, I don't currently have a working Windows machine to download this application/guide, so can't look for myself. Is it a spyware vehicle? Am I being overly suspicious? My brother's smiling mug is included at the Lithuanian Museum - do they have to credit him?

Here is a true test of my fair use loyalty. Upon reflection, I don't mind my photos being used for a freeware Chicago guide, if it is in no way malware. Of the photos chosen, only 2-3 do I really like enough to print out 'sellable' size, and odds are that I would never sell these anyway.

If these photos lead to someone having a better time in Chicago, cool. I'm happy with it.

I guess someone liked these photos. I'm just not yet used to Creative Commons, I suppose.

(Schmap selected photos below)


individual photos -

the weiner is
The Wiener, Evanston somewhere

Venetian Night

Marche Interior
Marche interior

Marche Halibut
Halibut, with a sprig of rosemary

museum S_I_after
The Museum of Science and Industry represents the only major building remaining from the World's Fair of 1893. Unlike the other structures that were destroyed after the fair, the Palace of Fine Arts (as it was known), which was built to showcase artworks, remained. The backside of the museum (over-looking Jackson Park Lagoon) was actually the front of the palace during the fair, and the color of the exterior was changed during renovations. But the building looks almost exactly the way it did in 1893.

See more at

and this was a photo, before I photoshopped it to look old.

Glass waves
In Grant Park, near Buckingham Fountain, made of shattered car window glass. Interesting effects with sunlight reflecting off the bits.

MK Brody
Novelty/toy store, West Loop. Once vibrant sign is starting to fade.

Champagne cork
Carbide and Carbon building, 1929, Burnham Brothers. Of all things, this is now a Hard Rock Cafe hotel. Oh well, at least they didn't demolish it.


Tourists Oak Street
Snuck up on these tourists playing in the sand. Lake Michigan.

Soviets Lithuania
This looks to be a dossier on some Lithuanian "Freedom Fighter". Went to Little Lithuania, over on 65th St. and Pulaski, including the Museum of Lithuanian culture.

Cutouts at the Balzekas museum
More goofing around at the Lithuanian museum.

Stairway of the Rookery. Scan of 35mm print, taken ca. 1998. has more on the Rookery. Used that Ilford color film I used to be so fond of - makes everything sepia toned. I wish I knew where all my negatives from my 35mm years were located, I'd like to re-scan a bunch of them.

extra virgin
Formerly the Bluepoint Oyster Bar/Bar Louie- apparently under new management

any porthole in a storm
Side of Civic Opera House

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