Slate Sucks part the 3423

I suppose somebody has to read Slate, even just to marvel at the suckitude, but why? If a web-zine has such contempt for its readers, why should the readers even bother clicking through? Contempt is mutual, thanks.

One indicator of how highly a publication regards its readers is in the quality of the content. Easterbrook’s review is borderline stupid. Media Matters provides perhaps too much detail on why that’s so: if you want the short course, it’s because Easterbrook finished reviewing the film in the second paragraph and filled out the rest of the column with factual errors and some truly bizarre straw men: “If Gore is so concerned about the environment, why does he still travel by air?” “If Gore is so concerned about poor people, why does he want to lower their standards of living by decreasing the use of polluting fuels?” Plus, he says Gore is a transsexual Martian who sighs a lot, as who among us wouldn’t.
Read the whole post, including some fun comments: BTC News » Slate editor Jacob Weisberg on editing: “What?”

And the Poor Man Institute piles on


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