Smart Money Magazine is stupid

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Smart Money proves only that it employs ignoramuses.

Apple Matters | If Your iPod Could Talk, The 10 Things It Wouldn't Say

Smart Money Magazine runs a regular column called 10 Things. The title of the column in the June 2006 issue is 10 Things Your iPod Won’t Tell You.

Jane Meyer convincingly debunks all of the 10 unproven assertions, and it was as easy as plugging an iPod into your computer. Noah Rothbaum ought to return whatever pittance he was paid to crank out 2000 words of unmitigated crap.

Some enterprising soul should make a wiki of ignorant assertions made about the iPod, especially the frequent claim that if you own an iPod, you must then buy all of your music from the iTunes store. Uhh, tell that to our iPods - which probably have 2-5 songs purchased via the iTunes store (the iTunes store's wares are too low res for my ears) mingled among the thousands saved as MP3 files.

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